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Tuesday, 01 July 2008


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what is the best way..studio or home..and if so... what program. i am a country music writer and i would like to record

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Why do musicians write songs where the 5th chord (or V chord) is major rather than minor? Why not Am, Dm, Em? Why Am, Dm, E7? Is there some "better flavor" to using E7 instead of Em? And why isn't the G# for that chord included in the key signature? It would be better if the sharp was included in the key signature instead of having to write it every time it is used. Why not?

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Oh, an entire year of A Finger in Every Pie. Congratulations on your blogaversary. Really, it feels like you've been blogging for years. I enjoy your beautiful writing and your scrumptious recipes.

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Health is the best treasure (which) a man can possess. Money can do many things, but it cannot buy happiness. However, so long as man has good health, he can enjoy the pleasures of human life. Thank you so much for this tutorial! Red velvet is my husband's favorite, so he LOVED the heart surprise in the middle when he cut into his birthday cake last week :)

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One of his ideas is the importance of becoming a one-buttock player, surrendering the need to stay in control and just letting your passion guide you.

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