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Thursday, 28 June 2007


Raimo van der Klein

soo....what is the BANG theory?? Slides?

Raimo van der Klein

that is Bang convergence..hehe


BANG convergence is about the similarities in complex systems comprising of networks of bits, atoms, neurons and genes.

Kevin Kellys' classic book Out of Control already showed us how bits and genes converge. Hardware, software and IT networks all increasingly resemble biological organisms and copy biological hacks and solutions. Even digital content as well as online marketing in general become more biological due to the web 2.0 adoption, the interconnectedness of conversations, the rise of viral and buzz mechanisms as well as open APIs.

We live in the century of Biology, more than anything else.

Marko Rinck

Hi Yuri,

Other books that are interesting concerning this topic that I know of are:
Complexity: Life at the Edge of Chaos by Roger Lewin,
Coping with Uncertainty; Insights from the new sciences of Chaos, Self Organization and Complexity by Uri Merry,
The Systems view of the World; A Holistic Vision of our time ( Advances in Systems Theory, Complexity and Human Sciences) by Ervin Lazslo,
Principles of Biological Autonomy by Fransico Varela and of course the classic
Self Organizing Universe: Scientific and Human implications by Erich Jantsch.
The last two books are currently out of print as far as I know of.


Hi Marko,

Thanks for your valuable comment and referenced books !

I read the books from Varela and Lewin. Good stuff.

James Aach

FYI: Stewart Brand has also been active in looking at climate change and possible solutions, and he was kind enough to endorse my insider book on nuclear energy, which is available at no cost to readers at http://RadDecision.blogspot.com and is also in paperback.

Yuri van Geest

Hi James,

Thanks for sharing.

But could you explain to me what the link is between nuclear energy and my blog post?


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