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Tuesday, 06 March 2007


Maarten Lens-FitzGerald

Great musings Yuri. I just saw a documentary about Gross National Happiness. Simply put the idea is that you don't measure the progress of a nation (the macro level) on just economic values but also on other values.

As wiki says: The four pillars of GNH are the promotion of equitable and sustainable socio-economic development, preservation and promotion of cultural values, conservation of the natural environment, and establishment of good governance.

Somehow your musings tie into this. The ability to be authentic as a group has great power...

Raimo van der Klein

@Yuri and Maarten,

This is THE discussion! Love to see people picking it up.

From transactions(products) to experiences(senses) to values(emotions)

I would like you to check out the blog of Ton van Brunschot: http://tomvanbrunschot.typepad.com/transformationeconomy/

Very inspiring blog aswell.

I like reading posts where I a get insights in your thoughts about the world we live in.. Keep it up!

Yuri van Geest

Raimo and Maarten,

Thanks a lot. Appreciated. Will check the suggestions. Thanks.

I recently read an insightful book by Richard Layard on Happiness (The New Science) in 2006. It is about Gross National Happiness. Great read! I agree with Maarten. The happiness part of my blog post is key indeed. The happiness story is about intrinsic motivation, flow, Buddhism, authenticity and a balanced life (with information discernment+filtering).

This also resonates with the Emocode book from Susanne Piet (www.susannepiet.com). Also part of the bigger picture.

I will extend my post in the next weeks as I will dig deeper in the emerging youth culture and how this relates to identity, authenticity and creativity.

Key message is that the recent bestselling authors have a common thread, there are lots of patterns to be found and I intend to make them explicit from my perspective. Rheingold, Kelly, Layard, Piet, Stone, Benkler, Tapscott, Jenkins, Anderson, Jaffe, Turkle, Friedman, Steffen, Gladwell, there is a big picture.

Raimo van der Klein

Yep..completely agree..

Working on sloving the puzzel myself. i juts don't read enough books..but can feel the vibe very vibrantly..

Yuri van Geest


Good luck deepening your vibe ;-) Like your ChangeThis idea by the way.

From my perspective I think it is not necessary to read a lot of books to see those developments. It can also be seen by looking at different small cues in the real world and by thinking that every trend creates a countertrend which in some cases will overrule the former trend. In particular, the move from (outer game) experiences towards (more inner game) transformative marketing is an example of people being tired of superficial and overmarketed artificiality while craving realness and authenticity in a world of increasing complexity, uncertainty and digital manipulatory expressions.

Books might inspire a new perspective in a relatively quick way but true new insights can be generated by different circumstances in my view including your gutfeeling or intuition.

Tom van Brunschot

@Raimo Thnx for that. ;-)

@Yuri Found you through an ego-google. Great blog! Added a permanent link to my sidebar. Will dive deeper into your blog later. Regards, Tom.

Yuri van Geest


Thanks for your encouragements.

Just saw a touching and inspiring video from TED 2006 which resonates strongly with my point on creativity and information seeking / discernment. http://www.ted.com/tedtalks/
In Praise of Slowness indeed. Slowness stimulates creative thinking... Besides this, I guess I will dive deeper into the thoughts of Edward De Bono on creative and lateral thinking the coming period.

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