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Friday, 30 May 2008


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You're talking about active computation -- the bits going through processors. How about the mass of stored data? All of the massive storage arrays the large net players have should account for something.

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Local internet marketing is indeed the new thing when it comes to advertising nowadays, especially because of these new personal technology that makes sure that your advertisement goes to individuals on a large quantity instead of a group of audiences that often miss your advertisement. The reason why 'content' rates are falling down is because of the new trend on online 'guerrilla marketing' tactics. Like for example, local search marketing only requires your campaigns to pop out on top of search engines, and voila! You incur traffic through your campaign's website, etc. Like what the presentation states, campaign is still important as it brings forth ideas that are essential in producing more innovations and progress!

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We have to admit it the future will be mobile internet, specially in the smartphone area.

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There are a lot of advantages in engaging with mobile internet and I will not be surprised to see people who prefer browsing the internet using their mobile phones in the future.

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Mobile Internet is growing and is projected to grow 300% in just two years. Marketeers see the potential for mobile advertising with such growth projections.

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I feel like as a person who doesn't really use mobile internet in the real kind of way (I only have internet on my phone when there's wireless around to steal), I haven't really understood the whole necessity of it. I mean of course it's nice to instantly be able to look up what things mean or where something is located, but do we really need to be connected with the online world 24/7? I feel like it's ruining the important things in life, such as family time and privacy, etc. That's just my opinion..


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