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Tuesday, 06 February 2007


Maarten Lens-FitzGerald


Yuri van Geest

Good question. Here we go:

Jared Diamond -> amazing breadth of knowledge, innovative, inspiring, learnings for survival of organisms on different levels of analysis

Gary Hamel -> ground breaking strategy (5 forces migration model), visionary, creative, open minded, eternal, broad scope, more complete view on humans and organisations

Howard Rheingold -> top visionary, broad scope, on the edge, scientific, GeoWeb/AR/locative media frontrunner

Kevin Kelly -> visionary, breadth of knowledge, inspiring, putting biology as THE discipline of the 21th century while pushing complexity theory and networks

Joseph Pine II -> great contributions in the fields of marketing and strategy with the focus on experiences and transformation

Joel Garreau -> great visions of Bill Joy, Ray Kurzweil and Jaron Lanier, style of writing, creative, inspiring. A great story about transformative powers within individuals

Yochai Benkler -> scientific rigor, completeness, complete guide to web 2.0 and legal issues within digital media

Henry Jenkins -> inspiring, complete, innovative story on old and new media

Hans Peter Brondmo -> visionary, complete, practical and unique story on permission based marketing with quantitative rigor within digital markets (e-mail, SMS, IM, etc.)


Check out some management books that are satirized at a blog called The Cantankerous Consultant:


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